Structural Analysis For Exhibition Stand Construction

Safety at trade fairs is an important component of the trade fair success. Creative designs, new constructions, multi-storey exhibition stands or even mobile installations require experience and know-how in this area, especially with regard to statics and dynamics. Temporary constructions are our passion and we therefore the perfect partner.

Frequently asked questions

When do I need a structural analysis for my booth?

Basically, you are responsible for the safety of your stand, whether with or without a structural analysis. But with our calculation you have the security documented in your pocket and can concentrate on your actual work. Whether you have to submit a (checked) statics at the fair, please refer to the respective guidelines or ask for the fair. Experience has shown that the trade fair companies regularly require the submission of a static calculation for tilting constructions, multi-storey stands (double decks) or rigs. As a proven specialist engineering office, we are happy to help you with unbureaucratic help.

Which materials or which systems can you calculate?

We calculate all technical materials and systems that may be used in the load-bearing structure. For example: steel, aluminum, timber, glass, etc., whether system or individual. We calculate and design for your vision to be safe. With the systems we are based entirely on your material. Stand construction systems (for example Aluvision, beMatrix, Burkhard Leitner, F+T, Modul, Octanorm, Syma) are common in our office.